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Born to Mentor

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Toolkit includes over 50 "Express Yourself" topics

An ideal tool for leading a mentoring conversation focused on values

Develop student literacy through creative writing exercises

Now, Let Me Tell You How I Really Feel

From police violence to the mental health of black boys, Dr. Reddick shares his point of view about today's African American families and the destructive affects of absent father homes. He shares with us his work with younger inmates and their identity struggles. Book available at Amazon.

Rest In Peace Danquirs Franklin

There's No Danger in the Water: Encouraging Black Men To Become Mentors

In these pages Dr. Belay D. Reddick draws on his experience as a prominent mentor coach to provide practical advice on how to inspire African American boys and affect positive change in their lives. You'll find tips on everything from creating youth summits and working with the community to employing effective topics in your mentorship work and taking self-assessments. For every adult black male who wants to save a generation of lost black boys, There's No Danger in the Water will help you.